Norfolk Noodle Factory

In 1958, Park F. Wong purchased a noodle business. He went from rookie to the Southeast’s main supplier of yock noodles.

Tidewater Virginia Yock

Stories from our newest oral history project, Tidewater Virginia Yock, documenting yock-a-mein.

OKRACAST: Southern Chinese

Welcome to Okracast, the podcast of the Southern Foodways Alliance! This week we’re meditating on Chinese immigrants to the South.

From the Field: A Box of Yock

Last week I traveled to Eastern Virginia to collect oral histories of yock-a-mein traditions in the Tidewater region. Recently Sara Roahen collected oral histories about ya-ka-mein in New Orleans, and while its cousin shares a few similarities, yock-a-mein in Virginia (that’s the predominate spelling in VA, though I also saw “yetca mein,” “yaket mein,” and simply … Continued