Warm up with a Spice Cookie

The spicy cookies known as “jumbles” have a long history in the American South. A popular baked good with travelers, jumbles are thought to have made their way to this country on ocean passages from England to Virginia in the late 17th or early 18th century.

A Toast to Virginia Wine (and Cider!)

At SFA events, we eat the bounty of our region—and we drink it, too. This year, we had the pleasure of sharing a variety of wines and cider from the state of Virginia at the Symposium. They were a hit with attendees, and our staff have identified some new favorites as well. Virginia wine is … Continued

Sustainable South: Lisa Richey

It has been said that a man is the head and a woman is the neck that turns it. Well, Lisa Richey knows how to turn heads with the bounty of her farm, Red Row Farm, in Esmont, Virginia. While husband Will Richey leads the kitchen at the Whiskey Jar, Lisa raises lambs, ducklings, and vegetables—just to name a few—that build the menu. Technically a greenhorn (farmers in their first five to ten years of farming experience), Richey seems a seasoned farmer when she speaks of her work.

Sustainable South: Diane Flynt

Harvest. Ferment. Prune. Blend. Repeat. This is the natural cycle of cider making that Diane Flynt of Foggy Ridge Cider in Dugspur, Virginia enjoys so much about her trade.

“Growing apples and making a truly artisan hard cider is the center of my life, and what connects me to learning and to the land around me,” she says. “Both high values in my book!”

Sustainable South: Rachel Pennington

Rachel Pennington has been baking most of her life. But, she adds, The Whiskey Jar is her first professional baking job. As House Baker, she offered guests at the summer symposium an indulgence transcending centuries by marrying the influences of two great Virginia women into a single dessert: an Edna Lewis and Mary Randolph collaboration in the form of a peach trifle.

Sustainable South: Kathryn Bertoni

The Southern Foodways Alliance Summer Symposium in Richmond was all about women. Each day celebrated the female farmers, chefs, cheese makers—you name it—of the region, and guests enjoyed the fruits of their labor. Over the course of the following weeks, we will highlight the female purveyors of the Anson Mills dinner hosted by Chef Will … Continued

Director’s Cut: More than Statues Riding Horses

I got home from our first Summer Symposium yesterday afternoon. And I’m here to tell you that residents of Richmond, Virginia, are deeply engaged in our collective conversation about Southern food culture.