Thirsty Thursday: Quoit Club Punch

A few weeks ago, we (re)introduced you to David Wondrich, cocktail historian and Esquire magazine contributor. Mr. Wondrich will collaborate with Atlanta master mixologist Tiffanie Barriere at our upcoming Symposium weekend. As the author of Punch: The Delights (and Dangers) of the Flowing Punch Bowl, it’s no surprise he plans to concoct a formidable punch for the masses … Continued

What Makes a Weird Wine Cool?

We sommeliers like weird. We prefer it, in nearly every case, to the feeling of anyplace. Give us the real, the legit, or give us a bottle of beer.

From the Field: A Box of Yock

Last week I traveled to Eastern Virginia to collect oral histories of yock-a-mein traditions in the Tidewater region. Recently Sara Roahen collected oral histories about ya-ka-mein in New Orleans, and while its cousin shares a few similarities, yock-a-mein in Virginia (that’s the predominate spelling in VA, though I also saw “yetca mein,” “yaket mein,” and simply … Continued

Smoke in My Car, Salt on My Coat

Last week, Sara Wood, our North Carolina-based oral historian, took the icy (and at times unpaved) back roads of North Carolina and Virginia to collect oral histories about cured meat traditions in the region.