Trawling for Shrimp

Here I am in shrimp country, to see with my own eyes an industry that has been much maligned. If I’m going to cook with shrimp, I need to find a source I can trust.

Film: Chi Mai

Mai Nguyen opened the restaurant Ba Mien in New Orleans East in late 2001 after traveling Vietnam to collect dishes and repertoires from various regions.

Meet Dan Nguyen

An “Dan” Nguyen owns Lang Van, a Vietnamese restaurant in the Shamrock neighborhood of Charlotte.

Southern, Reborn

A Vietnamese American woman writing a coming-of-age novel set in and fed by the American South wasn’t a selling point.

Thirsty Thursday: Vietnamese New Orleans

Vietnamese cuisine–and cocktail culture–is seeing a new era in New Orleans, led by a generation of Vietnamese entrepreneurs that were either born or raised in the United States.

Oral History: Saigon Pagolac

Saigon Pagolac opened in 1989. Twenty-five years later, the restaurant is known for its staying power and it’s signature dish, The Seven Courses of Beef.

Amy’s Notebook: Gulf Coast Ganesh

This fall, Chris Shepherd of Underbelly in Houston will join us in Oxford to prepare our Saturday Tabasco Lunch and share some of the places, people, and foods that inspire him. This summer, I’m collecting those stories.

Le Bakery - Sue Nguyen - Biloxi Shrimping

OKRACAST: Sue Nguyen of Le Bakery in Biloxi, MS

Welcome to OKRACAST, the SFA podcast! This week, meet Sue Nguyen of Biloxi, MS. Sue’s interview, conducted by food writer and editor Francis Lam, is part of the Biloxi’s Ethnic Shrimping Communities Oral History Project. Half a year after Hurricane Katrina, Sue Nguyen’s Le Bakery was one of perhaps four places people could get food … Continued