Meet Cecilia Polanco, 2016 Smith Symposium Fellow

Cecilia Polanco works with members of her family and UNC undergraduates who volunteer their time for the mission of So Good Pupusas to create a scholarship fund for undocumented students pursuing their undergraduate degrees.

Girl Scout’s Honor

JoAnn Clevenger’s acceptance speech for the Craig Claiborne Lifetime Achievement Award humbled and challenged us. We hope it will challenge you, too.

Catching Up with Evan Mah

2014 Smith Symposium Fellow Evan Mah reflects on last year’s symposium and looks ahead to #SFA15.

Where Credit Is Due: Hector and Israel

“They are the reason that I can leave my kitchen with confidence,” says Bill Smith of Crook’s Corner in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Popular Culture and the Welcome Table

The welcome table and popular culture are not opposites. One offers a welcome. One is popular. Both can hide injustices. One way to connect them is to think about how they both offer comfort and how both come with limits and complications.