Quick Bread: Jiffy to Maseca

At our 2016 fall symposium, Tracie McMillian explores the dominance of mass-market cornmeal mixes.

Dora Charles’s Squash Casserole

Dora Charles grew up in Savannah, Georgia, where she cooked alongside her grandmother since the age of seven. For twenty years, she led the kitchen of The Lady and Sons.

How Corn Came to the South

At our 19th Southern Foodways Symposium, Stephen Satterfield traced the history of corn cultivation in the Americas.

“In These Fields” on the Stage

In These Fields: A Folk Opera awed guests at the Sunday performance at our 2016 Southern Foodways Symposium. Friday, December 16, Lexington, Kentucky residents have the chance to see the performance live at ArtsPlace.

Sop It Dry

Dr. Regina Bradley delivers the invocation at our 2016 Southern Foodways Symposium.

The SFA Take: State of the Cornbread Nation

SFA welcomed new Board president Rob Long at our 2016 Southern Foodways Symposium. Watch here for Rob’s summary of what we’re doing and where we’re headed.

#SFA16: Meet the Chefs

Jeremiah Bacon, Kelly English, and Camron Razavi will send symposium-goers home with full bellies.

SFA Honors Ira Wallace

Dedicating her life to cooperative living, equality, and ecology, Wallace is both a master gardener and prominent voice in the organic farming movement.

Next week on Gravy: White Trash Cooking

Next Thursday, Gravy interim producer Sarah Reynolds tells the story of White Trash Cooking, Ernie Mickler’s 1986 collection of stories and recipes from his North Florida home.