O’Steens, a landmark seafood joint in St. Augustine, Florida, opened in 1964 or 1965—no one can quite remember when.

2015 in Oral History & Film

From Houston to Louisville and New Orleans to Charleston, we’ve covered a lot of ground—literally—in oral history and film this year.

St. Augustine Stories

Documentarian Anna Hamilton is on the road for SFA collecting oral histories of maritime traditions in St. Augustine’s Minorcan community.

Remembering a Civil Rights Swim-In: A Dark Moment in St. Augustine

In preparation for next weekend’s summer symposium, we’ve been reading up on sit-ins during the Civil Rights movement. Though these protests—along with a host of other “-ins,” including swim-ins, read-ins and pray-ins— were characterized by nonviolent resistance, they weren’t always met on those same terms. Case in point: the above picture from 1964 St. Augustine, … Continued

Thirsty Thursday: Ice Plant

Talking with Brendan Wheatley is like reading a distilling instruction manual, ecology text, and foodways manifesto—all at once. Brendan speaks about the flavors he hopes to procure in his spirits as easily as he expounds on the role of distilleries in intricate systems of producers, consumers, and the landscape. Brendan is the head distiller at … Continued