The SFA Take: A Call to Listen

As thinking about food has expanded into issues of labor, globalization and localism, environment and sustainability, health, race and ethnicity, gender and sexuality, and the construction and manipulation of images, listening to all political perspectives can be difficult. It is a both a goal and a practice that takes work.

High on the Hog

In the second part of our Southern Foodways class, we trace the theme of multiple oppressions: stories of race, class, and gender.

Fantasy Camp Syllabus

We are pleased to offer our First Annual Southern Studies Fantasy Camp for our Symposium guests next week! For those interested in reading ahead in their coursework, see our “syllabus” below with reading recommendations.

A Semester of Southern Foodways

Read along with the University of Mississippi’s Southern Studies students and foodways professor Catarina Passidomo.

Popular Culture and the Welcome Table

The welcome table and popular culture are not opposites. One offers a welcome. One is popular. Both can hide injustices. One way to connect them is to think about how they both offer comfort and how both come with limits and complications.