CIW Announces 2016 Workers’ Voice Tour

This March, farmworkers and consumer allies, coordinated by the Coalition of Immokalee Workers, will mobilize to demand worker-driven social responsibility from Wendy’s.

Food and Social Justice: Recapping Gravy Issue #53

This week, as all eyes are on the turmoil in Baltimore, is a good time to look back at the 53rd issue SFA’s award winning Gravy journal. Writers Angela Jill Cooley, John T Edge, Catarina Passidomo, Michael Oates Palmer, and the late Jake Adam York, along with photographer Josh Dudley Greer, all shared pieces that touched on the complex relationship between food and social justice.

Protests and Potato Salad

Organizations like Operation Help or Hush are meeting a basic need in Baltimore, but their timely provisions also carry a deeper meaning.

Operation Help or Hush feeds Baltimore protestors

At the Southern Foodways Alliance, we often talk of using food as a lens through which to consider greater questions of identity, history, reconciliation, and justice. And we often are asked, “But why food?” At first glance, to discuss foodways may seem trivial against the backdrop of such pressing issues as social inequality, natural disasters, … Continued

Recommended Reading: “Fixed Menu”

“Horror stories about prison food reach their unappetizing nadir in the form of one particular dish. Its official name on Aramark Correctional Services recipe card M5978 is “Disciplinary Loaf.” Inmates know it as “Nutraloaf,” a baked foodstuff with the express purpose of providing the required daily nutrients and calories, and nothing more. Flavor isn’t an … Continued

A Helping of Gravy: Why Study Food Justice?

This article first appeared in issue #53 of our Gravy quarterly. The author, Catarina Passidomo, is an assistant professor of anthropology and Southern Studies who teaches foodways classes at the University of Mississippi.  Why Study Food Justice? Lessons From Post-Katrina New Orleans by Catarina Passidomo When I tell people that I study food, the response is usually one of … Continued

Ta-Nehisi Coates at #SFA14

Stay tuned as we share video of the presentations from our 2014 fall Symposium. First up is Ta-Nehisi Coates, who delivered the Friday afternoon invocation.