#SFAGrad: (In)Justice

Meet the presenters for the final panel of our 2016 Graduate Student Conference: “(In)Justice.”

Separation of Families

“…he wondered everyday if the rest of his life would be like this, separated and away from his family.”

Women in the Fields

Ten feet from me I noticed a woman who was bending down removing some weeds from the soybean field. She slowly straightened out, and I noticed she was about 7-8 months into her pregnancy.

Farmworker Life

One of the questions we would ask our students during their final evaluative exam was, “What do you like about the United States?” And it was heartbreaking….because at least half of them would say “nothing.”

Invisibility in the Fields

“Can I talk about access to healthcare without talking about wage theft or food deserts? Can I talk about food justice without talking about immigration, or capitalism or the history of the South?”