A Hamburger by Any Other Name

Found in small restaurants hugging railroads tracks that crisscross the counties of northeast Mississippi, northwestern Alabama, and lower Tennessee, these hamburgers defy hunger and solitude in a region where many workers worry over their next paycheck.

Cerealburgers at Pat’s Cafe in Selmer, TN

Until the Slugburger Festival in Corinth, Mississippi became popular, the burgers in Selmer were always known as “cerealburgers” because they are mixed with soymeal grits, which have the consistency of cereal.

Meet Dr. Franklin Penn

When railroad work took Charles Franklin Penn to Florida where he slept in a tent with alligators visible everywhere, he decided a new career was in order.

Field Notes: Busy Bee Cafe

Kitty Spears of Cullman, Alabama, ran the Busy Bee Cafe with her late husband, Steve, until 2014. Her children now run the business.

On the Trail of the Slugburger

Slugburgers are a local favorite in Corinth, a North Mississippi town that claims to be the birthplace of this budget-friendly delicacy.