The SFA Take: Why Charlotte?

SFA has enjoyed a long love affair with North Carolina. But we haven’t yet planted our flag in Charlotte.

The SFA Take: In Praise of Interstates

Many of my daughter’s happiest days have been punctuated with French fries and playplaces. And if I’m completely honest, so have many of mine.

The SFA Take: Keeping in Touch

Our lives are complicated, change is guaranteed. Oral history interviews capture a piece of a person at one place in a certain time. We can’t always go back to collect more. But we can try to make it possible.

The SFA Take: A Call to Listen

As thinking about food has expanded into issues of labor, globalization and localism, environment and sustainability, health, race and ethnicity, gender and sexuality, and the construction and manipulation of images, listening to all political perspectives can be difficult. It is a both a goal and a practice that takes work.

The SFA Take: The Preservation Pickle

The South must continually come to terms with who we are, who we never were, and who we want to be. The stories behind our food help us get there.