Watch this Joe York film honoring Sandor Katz, winner of our 2014 Craig Claiborne Lifetime Achievement Award.

A Tale of Two Tennessee Krauts

Sarah Reynolds takes us into the kitchens of Louise Frazier and Sandor Katz, to learn how fermenting vegetables has helped them both carry on through illness and aging.

The Salt-Brined South

The Gravy podcast looks ahead to a story on salt, but today we look back to a story about Sandor Katz and fermentation.

Side Dish: Sandorkraut Sausage Balls

Today is only Monday, so you may be wondering why this recipe post is coming so early in the week. As it happens,¬†today is the day after my favorite weekend of the year: the weekend before Thanksgiving. If your family is anything like mine, you just drove from all over the South to the home … Continued