Separation of Church and Coffee

We sent writer T Cooper to explore the coffee scene in the famously bible-minded city of Knoxville, Tennessee.

Nashville’s Campbellite Core

David Dark traces Nashville’s religious radicalism to Rev. Will Campbell at our 2016 Nashville Summer Symposium.

Dee Dee’s Kitchen

Robin Amer follows up on Gravy podcast “The Last Jews of Natchez,” complicating the history of black women cooking in the south.

Gravy Podcast Episode 2: Separation of Church and Coffee

A new episode of Gravy is ready for your ears! And it’s one that has all the ingredients for a bracing story: caffeine and religion. In our second episode, writer T Cooper heads to Knoxville, Tennessee, to learn about a new trend making its way across the South: devout Christians are opening coffeeshops as gathering … Continued