Going Whole Hog in Israel

On this episode of Gravy, we go global to explore the spread of a prolific Southern food to an unlikely place: pork barbecue in the Israeli city of Tel Aviv.

A Helping of Gravy: The Other White Meat

In 1986 leaders of the National Pork Producers Council gathered in a darkened room to hear their advertising agency pitch a new industry tagline: “Pork—the Other White Meat.” When the lights came on after the two-hour presentation, the pork producers found themselves “in a state of shock,” one executive recalled.

Pic Pick: Conecuh Kabobs

Wade Wilson’s #popsouth2015 pic serves as inspiration to pull out the grill.

All the Pork That Wasn’t Fit to Print

Issue #55 of our Gravy magazine went to press today. It’s our heartiest helping yet, at 60 pages. We can’t wait for you to get your hands on it.