A Helping of Gravy: A Democratic Way of Looking

Food, Drink, and Pop Culture in Southern Photography “I HAD THIS NOTION of what I called a democratic way of looking around, that nothing was more or less important.” That’s how Memphis native William Eggleston, the color photography pioneer, describes his approach to capturing his surroundings. Eggleston’s primary-hued world of grocery-store parking lots, drive-in restaurants, … Continued

Pic Pick: The Clermont Lounge

There are some parts of Atlanta that traditional guide books leave out. And there are places you’d hesitate to take a friend, let alone your mom. Clermont Lounge is one of those places. My first foray (but hopefully not my last) into the strip club/dive bar/dance floor happened several years ago, thanks to an intrepid Atlantan hell-bent on showing me a good time.

Your Weekly Pop: All Men Must Dine

Remember when pop-ups were those annoying online advertisements that you blocked with your Internet browser settings? Or before that, when VH1’s Pop Up Video was a thing? (Apparently, it’s still a thing.) Go back even further, and you have pop-up campers, camera flashes, meat thermometers, and of course, books (also still a thing). But why … Continued

What We’re Watching: Buzzfeed

In the year of pop culture, we can’t very well ignore something like Buzzfeed’s recent video “Americans Try Southern Food for the First Time.” We tried. We held our virtual tongue. We failed. After all, Buzzfeed often supplies the most shareable content on the Internet, and we at the Southern Foodways Alliance know that Southern food … Continued

Pic Pick: Old Bay

I’d never knowingly tasted Old Bay though I already recognized the can’s bold yellows and blues.

A Helping of Gravy: Earl’s Art Shop and Cafe

AT THE INTERSECTION OF POP CULTURE and vernacular art, Mississippi artist Earl Wayne Simmons works. Born in 1956, Simmons has lived and labored for most of his life in Bovina, a few miles east of Vicksburg. As a child he fashioned toys from found objects and developed a grade-school passion for drawing and painting. By … Continued