What We’re Reading: Dixie Emporium

Edited by Anthony J. Stanonis, Dixie Emporium is a collection of essays that explore the South’s project of self-definition through marketable products.

Pic Pick: Is Craft the New Pop?

“Popular culture is mass culture. It’s mass-produced. It doesn’t strive for authenticity, for craftsmanship, so much as to promote consumption.”

Why Reinvent the Taco?

What does a former academic do in the face of ambiguity? Read, read, read, of course.

It’s Your Turn: #popsouth2015

Share your snapshots of how America defines, sells, and consumes Southern identities through food and drink.

What Do Oreos, Nutter Butters, and Milk Bones Have in Common?

Photo by Jeremy Lange, courtesy of The Independent Weekly. Emily Wallace guest-blogs for us about food, art, and design. You can check out more of her work here. The pattern is familiar: a small, circular border hatched with short, shallow lines; an interior ringed with four-leaf clovers. I craned my neck to glimpse a blueprint … Continued