Click Here, Read This: The ‘Booch

Have you ever wondered how kombucha became a thing? Meet GT Dave, the Lamborghini-driving, scoby*-coddling kombucha kingpin.

A Helping of Gravy: Earl’s Art Shop and Cafe

AT THE INTERSECTION OF POP CULTURE and vernacular art, Mississippi artist Earl Wayne Simmons works. Born in 1956, Simmons has lived and labored for most of his life in Bovina, a few miles east of Vicksburg. As a child he fashioned toys from found objects and developed a grade-school passion for drawing and painting. By … Continued

Your Weekly Pop: Love and Waffles

Waffle House is always open in times of crisis…like when you realize that tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and you haven’t made any reservations yet.

A Helping of Gravy: The Subversive Nostalgia of Cedric Smith

His grandmother ran a country store in Thomaston, Georgia. Though the store burned before Smith can remember, he recalls playing in the woods behind the tumbledown remains, riffling through junked advertising signs. Like art, advertisements carry embedded messages, Smith realized. Through art, he has recognized the complement. Much of Smith’s work is rooted in Thomaston, … Continued

Dwayne Ingraham: On Craft and the Culinary Limelight

Television defines pop culture in the modern South. Dwayne Ingraham, pasty chef at City Grocery Restaurant Group in Oxford, will make his debut on Cutthroat Kitchen this Sunday evening. In advance of that pop culture moment, his face is now all over Facebook, Twitter, even the front page of the local paper. As professional who’s worked mostly graveyard … Continued

A Helping of Gravy: Biscuit Time

These photos first appeared in issue #54 of our Gravy quarterly, the “Pop Goes the South” art and photography issue.

Pic Pick: Pedro’s Place

It would be foolish to talk about the pop culture South without a mention of South of the Border, the fiesta-themed colossus just off I-95 in Dillon, South Carolina.

Your Weekly Pop: Singing for our Supper

Like food, music is one of the South’s most popular exports–a cultural artifact that in its highest form can unite across divided lines–and at its lowest can provide pure entertainment.