All the Folks on Rocky Top Get Their Corn from a Jar

In contemporary country songs, whiskey partners with other themes—agrarian, patriotic, rural—to solidify the longstanding connection between country music and the Southern white working class.

The Sound of the Syrup-Soaked South

There are the massive tricked-out cars; there is the regional slang; there are the southern soul samples; there are the Hammond B-3 organ hooks. But most of all, there is syrup.

Popular Culture and the Welcome Table

The welcome table and popular culture are not opposites. One offers a welcome. One is popular. Both can hide injustices. One way to connect them is to think about how they both offer comfort and how both come with limits and complications.

A Helping of Gravy: Pop Culture on a Bun

This cartoon first appeared in issue #54 of our Gravy quarterly, the “Pop Goes the South” art and photography issue. The artist, Emily Wallace, is an editor at UNC’s Southern Cultures journal and a frequent SFA collaborator. She is also a connoisseur of red hot dogs (with chili, slaw, and onions).   Click the cartoon to enlarge (for the juicy details).   

A Helping of Not-Quite-Gravy

If you know SFA, you know how we love our gravy. We named our quarterly journal for it (get yours by becoming a member). Then we named our podcast for it, too (Episode 12 hit headphones yesterday!). In fact, it’s the only food that has its own tab on our homepage. So when member and … Continued