The Big Tomato

In the 1960s, Piedmont Label boasted a booming art department. If something could be canned, Piedmont could label it: Brunswick stew from Georgia, oysters from Mississippi, gumbo from Louisiana, black-eyed peas from Tennessee, pet food from Washington, D.C.

Phila: A Bold Woman of Conviction

This Saturday, SFA hosts UN Dinner on the Grounds Redux: An Homage to Phila Hach, winner of our 2015 Ruth Fertel Keeper of the Flame Award. Learn about this Nashville legend with a film by Joe York.

Let Them Eat Cake

The cake is so tied to New Orleans that it’s hard to taste the cultural amalgam from which it sprang.

Pacific Soul

The idea of Memphis helped a Chicano from Southern California teach one of the squarest places in the U.S. how to be hip.

Green, I Love You, Greens

The matrix vegetable may be European in origin, and the African hand is still tasted in the seasoning of the pot.