Missed Cues

We as a culture are more dialed into the subtle implications of food and dining, who fits in where, than ever before.

Food Media South Preview: Tunde Wey

Tunde Wey will explore the political potential of food in a nation that marginalizes individuals based on race, gender, sexuality, immigration status, and religion.

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Read these food-related pieces that caught our attention this week.

The SFA Take: Buying In, Staying Put

SFA is proudly and deeply rooted in Oxford, Mississippi. Come October 13, 2016, SFA will fly the rainbow flag and welcome all to our city and our university.

What We’re Reading: Soda Politics

In 2016, SFA examines the corn-fed South: corn as symbol, corn as sustenance, and corn as syrupy problem. When considering this last angle, Marion Nestle’s Soda Politics: Taking On Big Soda (And Winning) is essential background reading.

Clay Risen: The Bill of the Century

Clay Risen, author of The Bill of the Century: The Epic Battle for the Civil Rights Act, spoke about the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 at the 17th Southern Foodways Symposium. Film by Hed Hi Media.