Field Notes from Harkers Island, NC

On Harkers Island, home is saltwater in your blood and lazy days on the pizer. It’s hard work and having enough. Home is a place, battered and beautiful, with its simplicities and complications.

New Oral History: Harkers Island, NC

In this new collection of oral histories, we hear the stories of Harkers Island, located in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, an island communities built on foodways and traditions necessitated by the landscape.

The SFA Take: Keeping in Touch

Our lives are complicated, change is guaranteed. Oral history interviews capture a piece of a person at one place in a certain time. We can’t always go back to collect more. But we can try to make it possible.

A Hamburger by Any Other Name

Found in small restaurants hugging railroads tracks that crisscross the counties of northeast Mississippi, northwestern Alabama, and lower Tennessee, these hamburgers defy hunger and solitude in a region where many workers worry over their next paycheck.

#SFAOH Atlanta Field Notes: Global Growers

SFA oral history workshop participants Alexis Meza, Jenna Mobley, and Jillian Woodruff, sat down with Halieth Hatungimana, a farmer with Global Growers, in her home in Georgia.

UM Launches Mississippi Stories

The Center for the Study of Southern Culture, where SFA makes its home, launches a new site this week featuring documentary work of students, faculty, alumni, partners, and archival treasures.

Dispatches from the 2016 Atlanta OH Workshop

This year we draw our specific attention to fieldwork, approaching and listening to other people. Specifically, how vitally important this work is, but especially right now.

Oral History: Nolensville Road

Our newest oral history project documents the men and women working along Nashville’s Nolensville Road. Their voices reflect the Music City’s growing diversity.