#SFAOH Atlanta Field Notes: Global Growers

SFA oral history workshop participants Alexis Meza, Jenna Mobley, and Jillian Woodruff, sat down with Halieth Hatungimana, a farmer with Global Growers, in her home in Georgia.

UM Launches Mississippi Stories

The Center for the Study of Southern Culture, where SFA makes its home, launches a new site this week featuring documentary work of students, faculty, alumni, partners, and archival treasures.

Dispatches from the 2016 Atlanta OH Workshop

This year we draw our specific attention to fieldwork, approaching and listening to other people. Specifically, how vitally important this work is, but especially right now.

Oral History: Nolensville Road

Our newest oral history project documents the men and women working along Nashville’s Nolensville Road. Their voices reflect the Music City’s growing diversity.

Folkstreams Features Stan Woodward Films

Folkstreams, a national preserve of documentary films about American roots cultures, is featuring a collection of documentary films by South Carolina filmmaker Stan Woodward.

The Lives and Loaves of New Orleans

In our Lives and Loaves of New Orleans project, we highlight bakers of Vietnamese, German, and Italian heritage, as well as a few of the hardworking po-boy makers (and one oyster loaf partisan) who keep those bakers in business.

Insider’s Guide to Eating Nashville

Whether you are coming to Nashville as part of the SFA Summer Symposium or just passing through on one of those criss-crossing interstates, here’s some neighborly advice on places to eat that you won’t necessarily find in a magazine.

Chinese Grocers in the Mississippi Delta

An alternative to plantation commissaries and catering to a predominately African American clientele, the Chinese American grocer was a mainstay in many Delta neighborhoods well into the 20th century.