Ham to Ham Combat

“Listen. Their whole house could burn down, they could lose all their presents, but if their refrigerator made it through the fire with that ham in it, that Christmas would be fine.”

Virginia Brock’s Georgia-Style Brunswick Stew

The great states of Georgia and Virginia have two major things in common: Each is home to its own Brunswick County, and each claims to be the home-place of the first-ever bubbling pot of that famous Southern specialty, Brunswick stew.

Thank a Farmworker

Many Americans have little understanding of the labor behind the foods they consume. Spread the word. Thank a farmworker.

Thanks a Mint

155 employees, almost all locals who have worked at Hospitality Mints for years, crank out as many as 10 million mints a day.

Skylight Inn - Samuel Jones - North Carolina - Southern BBQ Trail

Where There’s Smoke

Sometimes in the middle of the night, Samuel Jones has to get out of bed and run toward the fire.

Sam Jones BBQ Debuts, Proves Doomsayers Wrong…

There’s nothing ramshackle or slapdash about Sam’s new place. It’s not a hovel, a joint, a shack or a shebang. It’s a beautifully designed restaurant, flanked by a sturdy pithouse…

Blue Ridge Mountain Tikis

The tiki mugs made by Asheville, North Carolina’s Jim McDonough are weird and wonderful objects.