Pableaux Johnson’s Red Beans and Rice

Every Monday night, Pableaux Johnson shares a traditional New Orleans supper of red beans and rice with friends around his grandmother’s table.

Blues, Booze and Red Beans: Monday Night in New Orleans*

Your power may mysteriously go out during every thunderstorm and a cavern-sized sinkhole might just materialize on your street one day, but you can rest assured that—come hell or high water—Monday night red beans will be cooked right on schedule.

From Begue’s to #BlackBrunch by Rien Fertel

Scholar-in-residence Rien Fertel takes us from New Orleans’ legendary Madame Begue to the moment bloody mary’s jumped the shark to social justice organizing in 2015.

Joel Dinerstein Defines New Orleans Cool

We wish we could extend the summer symposium experience to all the folks who weren’t able to join us. Thanks to audio producer Thomas Walsh, we can share the talks.