Thirsty Thursday: A “Can-Do” Attitude

Fun fact: In 1935, the first can of beer was sold in Richmond, Virginia. Though it actually came from New Jersey-based Krueger Brewing, they decided to use the South as their test market. Good call. Canned beers may have gotten a bad rap in the past, but today they’re actually preferred by many microbreweries. They’re … Continued

Ben Mims has a Sweet Tooth

Ben Mims likes his desserts both sweet and Southern. Born in Mississippi, Mims attended Mississippi State University in Starkville before taking off for the bright lights, big city of New York. Now an associate food editor at Food & Wine magazine, he previously worked in the kitchens of Saveur magazine, SF’s Bar Agricole, and NY’s Jean-Georges. Mims also … Continued

Maritime & Seafood Museum Opens in Biloxi, MS

In 2010, Francis Lam documented Biloxi’s Ethnic Shrimping Communities. It had been 5 years since Hurricane Katrina, but the storm was still affecting the people with whom he visited. Now, Biloxi’s seafood community has something to celebrate.

A Fresh Look: Eat or We Both Starve

When Lynn Hewlett bought Taylor Grocery, he turned an old country store that sold catfish into a restaurant with a few goods still on the shelves.

Searching for Shrimp with Paul Greenberg

Paul Greenberg recently published his latest examination of the American seafood industry, American Catch: The Fight for Our Local Seafood. In it, he traces the decline of river shrimp that once abounded in the Mississippi River.