Throwback Thursday: #SFA15

Stories from the 18th Southern Foodways Symposium, as told by your phones and feeds.

#SFA15: Saturday/Sunday Recap

Watch recap videos from our 18th Southern Foodways Symposium, thanks to the team at HedHi Media in Charleston, South Carolina.

Considering the Mississippi Coast

With so much attention focused on New Orleans, it can be easy to forget how much residents elsewhere—particularly in Mississippi—were devastated by Hurricane Katrina and how hard they had to work to rebuild their lives and businesses.

Field Notes: Latham’s Hamburger Inn

Wally Rakestraw knows when someone new walks into Latham’s Hamburger Inn, because he has to make sure he explains to them that “you know it’s a doughburger, right?”

A Spoken Dish: After Katrina

Friends of SFA share personal stories of the role of food in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Hot Tamale Trail

The Tamale Trail at Ten

In 2005, oral historian and photographer Amy C. Evans set out to document the tamale culture of the Mississippi Delta for the SFA.