Kimchi and Cornbread on Gravy Podcast

When you sit down for a meat and three in Montgomery, Alabama, say at the Davis Café, you choose from the menu and you get one plate all for you, but at a Korean table in Montgomery – or anywhere – your plates are all shared. And there are many of them. Meat and six or seven, you might say.

Searching for Soul-Food in the Once Chocolate City

For the first time in almost sixty years, Washington D.C.’s black population is now less than 50 percent. In a city whose foodways originate in Southern and African American sensibilities, Ralph Eubanks ponders what impact the population shift is having on the restaurant scene.

Johnny’s Greek And Three

Meat-and-three, to me, it’s what brings people together. It’s who we are without forgetting our Greek roots.

Nashville Meat-and-Three: White Beans, Humble Heroes

They’re not flashy or fancy. And unlike, say, mac and cheese or even fried okra they don’t often grace the cover of cookbooks or land in popular instagram feeds. They just slump quietly a few inches from stardom, ready to make that catfish sing.

Insider’s Guide to Eating Nashville

Whether you are coming to Nashville as part of the SFA Summer Symposium or just passing through on one of those criss-crossing interstates, here’s some neighborly advice on places to eat that you won’t necessarily find in a magazine.

New Nashville Meat-and-Three: Spaghetti

At Ramadan Restaurant in Nashville, diners chop up the long strands of angel hair in marinara –and break up the pieces of banana that go with it.

Dan’s in Nashville

Since 1991, Dan has served his smothered chicken, fried cabbage, fresh greens, strawberry shortcake, skillet corncakes and “The Best Lemonade in Town” to an ever-evolving clientele.

The Pie Wagon - David Biggs - Tabasco Guardians of the Tradition: Nashville, TN - Nashville Eats

The Pie Wagon in Nashville

Food and music. When it comes to Nashville, the two industries have more in common than you might think.