Oral History Spotlight: Fabián León

While part of Fabián’s heart remains in Chicago, he also sees Louisville and the South as a land of opportunities for Latinos.

Oral History Spotlight: Laura Patricia Ramírez

Laura Patricia Ramírez runs Tortillería y Taquería Ramírez in a section of Lexington, Kentucky nicknamed “Mexington” for the amount of Latino immigrants living in the area.

Bluegrass & Birria

In 1990, Latinos in Kentucky represented 0.6 percent of the Bluegrass State; the 2010 Census saw them make up three percent—about 132,00 people, the majority Mexicans. And more come every month.

Why Reinvent the Taco?

What does a former academic do in the face of ambiguity? Read, read, read, of course.

A Helping of Gravy: La Fonda

In Mexico City, where Esteban Rojo spent the early part of his life, “la fonda” is the term for a certain kind of restaurant. A small place, he explains, pausing to consider how to translate comida auténtica into English: “home food.”

Tom Hanchett’s “Newest New South”

In the latest episode of his Authentic South podcast series, documentarian Tanner Latham interviews Tom Hanchett, staff historian at the Levine Museum of the New South in Charlotte, NC.