Cheap Eats, Cheap Labor, Hidden Costs

At the 2017 SFA symposium, Diep Tran argues that “immigrant food is often expected to be cheap, because, implicitly, the labor that produces it has historically been cheap.” But there is a hidden toll for workers.

Distilled Identity

“I rotated the Plantation Pineapple bottle in my hands. The name dug at me.”

Eating Lunch 2,000 Feet Underground

The subterranean world of the coal miner involves complicated logistics for eating lunch, related to larger trends of labor, the economy, and energy use.

A Broken Agricultural System

Silvana Marr-Madariaga placed hand-written narratives from farmworkers among grocery store produce to push back against the systematic ways that workers and their rights are made invisible.

Farmworker Education

Octavio is 22 and from Oaxaca, Mexico in a town called la Rinconada. Octavio explained that la Rinconada is a small town that doesn’t have a church, un jardín para niños (kindergarten), or a middle school; it only has an elementary school. The closest middle school to him was in another town, which meant he had to walk an hour to and from school everyday.

Farmworker Life

One of the questions we would ask our students during their final evaluative exam was, “What do you like about the United States?” And it was heartbreaking….because at least half of them would say “nothing.”

Invisibility in the Fields

“Can I talk about access to healthcare without talking about wage theft or food deserts? Can I talk about food justice without talking about immigration, or capitalism or the history of the South?”