Pic Pick: Is Craft the New Pop?

“Popular culture is mass culture. It’s mass-produced. It doesn’t strive for authenticity, for craftsmanship, so much as to promote consumption.”

Thirsty Thursday: “The Fightin’ Okra”

I’ve been given the somewhat daunting task of creating custom cocktails inspired by the SFA staff. This week’s focus is on Melissa Booth Hall, the SFA’s assistant director. Each staff member was given a cocktail questionnaire to fill out, full of idiosyncratic questions that were coded in such a way to determine their palate and … Continued

Cured South: Kentucky Spoonfish Caviar

This week, we’re highlighting oral history interviews from the Cured South, our project that documents smoked meat and fish from Tennessee to Virginia. Today, we’d like to introduce you to Lewis Shuckman of Shuckman’s Fish Company and Smokery in Louisville, Kentucky.

Food for Thought: Martin County, KY

In 1964, President Johnson, along with Ladybird, toured the isolated hills of Kentucky to generate support for his recently proposed War on Poverty.

Of Love, Beans and Pie Luck in Appalachia

Like a fool, I sat with my back to the pie luck. As folks gathered at the Hindman Settlement School in the stunning hills of Southeastern Kentucky for the first Appalachian Food Summit, the spread multiplied. There were sausage balls and apple butter. Then there was circle jello salad with a handwritten story placed next … Continued

A Helping of Gravy: Beauty is a Biscuit

In February of 1970, a full-page paid advertisement appeared in newspapers across Eastern Kentucky. “Beauty is a Biscuit,” declared the headline. A visceral and angry litany followed, aimed against politicians and “high minded birdwatchers” who showed concern over the environmental damage caused by strip-mining.