Field to Farm: Veteran Stories

This Veteran’s Day, we invite you to hear the stories of three veterans, Mike Lewis, his brother Fred Lewis, and Jared Mayhew.

Oral History Spotlight: Fabián León

While part of Fabián’s heart remains in Chicago, he also sees Louisville and the South as a land of opportunities for Latinos.

Oral History Spotlight: Laura Patricia Ramírez

Laura Patricia Ramírez runs Tortillería y Taquería Ramírez in a section of Lexington, Kentucky nicknamed “Mexington” for the amount of Latino immigrants living in the area.

Oral History Spotlight: Bruce Ucán

In the United States, Yucatecan cuisine can be hard to find outside of Los Angeles and San Francisco. And for the patrons of The Mayan Cafe, it took some getting used to.

Bluegrass & Birria

In 1990, Latinos in Kentucky represented 0.6 percent of the Bluegrass State; the 2010 Census saw them make up three percent—about 132,00 people, the majority Mexicans. And more come every month.

What We’re Reading: Flavors from Home by Aimee Zaring

To read Omar’s story in full, and many more from refugees that have resettled in Kentucky, pick up Aimee Zaring’s just-released Flavors from Home: Refugees in Kentucky Share Their Stories and Comfort Foods.