#SFAGrad: Oral History

Meet the presenters of SFA’s Graduate Student Conference oral history panel.

Appalachian Food Summit Sept. 16-18

This year, the Appalachian Food Summit explores and honors some of the underrepresented stories of our region by traveling the roads and routes that shaped them.

Pappygate in Gravy Episode 35

In the new episode of Gravy, we partner with the ladies behind the podcast Criminal to tell the story of how Pappy Van Winkle bourbon became so desirable—and what it’s driven some people to do.

Meet Francisco Briceño

Francisco Briceño had no previous experience as a restaurateur when he moved to Louisville in 1999. But he had strong instincts.

Sombreros Over The South

There are no debates about cultural respect or appropriation; tonight, everyone is a Mexican. That’s the magic of the sombrero—and its harm.

March 5: Smoke & Soul in Louisville, Kentucky

March 5, graduates of Edward Lee’s Youth Build apprentice program host a panel discussion with Toni Tipton-Martin and Adrian Miller. Lee and his students will also cook a Smoke & Soul Dinner in the Wine Studio at 610 Magnolia, using recipes from Toni and Adrian’s books.

Electric Jell-O

I’ve long believed in the alchemical properties of Jell-O, a powder made from ligament and bone.

Dumplin’s and Dancin’ in Appalachia

Like food preservation, cultural preservation retains the essence of heritage, while recognizing tradition as dynamic, evolutionary, and relevant.

Dumplin’s & Dancin’ in Kentucky

Hindman Settlement School seeks to promote a deeper understanding of the interconnectivity of mountain music, dance, and foodways traditions. That’s where Dumplin’s and Dancing comes in.