Meet Francisco Briceño

Francisco Briceño had no previous experience as a restaurateur when he moved to Louisville in 1999. But he had strong instincts.

Sombreros Over The South

There are no debates about cultural respect or appropriation; tonight, everyone is a Mexican. That’s the magic of the sombrero—and its harm.

March 5: Smoke & Soul in Louisville, Kentucky

March 5, graduates of Edward Lee’s Youth Build apprentice program host a panel discussion with Toni Tipton-Martin and Adrian Miller. Lee and his students will also cook a Smoke & Soul Dinner in the Wine Studio at 610 Magnolia, using recipes from Toni and Adrian’s books.

Electric Jell-O

I’ve long believed in the alchemical properties of Jell-O, a powder made from ligament and bone.

Dumplin’s and Dancin’ in Appalachia

Like food preservation, cultural preservation retains the essence of heritage, while recognizing tradition as dynamic, evolutionary, and relevant.

Dumplin’s & Dancin’ in Kentucky

Hindman Settlement School seeks to promote a deeper understanding of the interconnectivity of mountain music, dance, and foodways traditions. That’s where Dumplin’s and Dancing comes in.

Field to Farm: Veteran Stories

This Veteran’s Day, we invite you to hear the stories of three veterans, Mike Lewis, his brother Fred Lewis, and Jared Mayhew.

Oral History Spotlight: Fabián León

While part of Fabián’s heart remains in Chicago, he also sees Louisville and the South as a land of opportunities for Latinos.