Gravy Podcast: Comfort Food

This week, we bring you Gravy‘s first foray into fiction. It’s a story of macaroni and cheese and maternal love, set in the fictional Canard County, Kentucky.

Souped: The Pinto Bean Story

SFA’s latest documentary film, “Souped: The Pinto Bean Story” explores the importance of soup beans through Kentucky Chef Ouita Michel and her mentor Freda Raglin.

Eastern Kentucky Chili Buns

Friday night’s Southern Symposium dinner featured chili buns. Read SFA’s oral history interviews about Eastern Kentucky chili buns to learn their story.

Jot ‘Em Down: Lexington on Film

This Greenhouse project shares a brief glimpse into the unique horse-racing culture found at the Jot ‘Em Down Store in Lexington, Kentucky, on Derby Day.

Exploring Lexington

If you’re unable to attend the 2018 Summer Symposium, we encourage you to visit Lexington another time. Use this Locals’ Guide to Lexington, curated for the SFA by Lora Smith and Samantha Fore, to find your way to interesting spots.

Alexis Meza: Artist and Activist

Alexis Meza is a visual artist and co-founder of the Kentucky Dream Coalition, a network that helps immigrant youth access higher education. She’ll be a featured presenter at the 2018 Summer Symposium.

Crystal Wilkinson addresses Land Promises

Crystal Wilkinson is the Appalachian Writer-in-Residence at Berea College. She’ll present on land promises at the 2018 Summer Symposium in Lexington, Kentucky.