Jackson’s Iconic Restaurants: Campbell’s Bakery

Yesterday, Jackson became the eighth city in Mississippi to pass a resolution that supports equality for all citizens, including the LGBT community. We’re pretty sure the tea cakes at Campbell’s bakery had a little something to do with that.

Jackson’s Iconic Restaurants: Peaches Cafe

For 53 years, Peaches Cafe served the Jackson community, offering chitterlings and cobbler to a loyal clientele. Even as other businesses on Farish Street closed, this beloved soul food restaurant held on tight. Ms. Peaches insisted upon it.

Jackson Sit In

Food for Thought: Jackson Sit-ins

The fiftieth anniversary of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 happens this year. Signed July 2, 1964 by President Lyndon B. Johnson, the act outlawed ingrained forms of discrimination against racial, ethnic, national and religious minorities, as well as women. It also ended strict and biased voter registration requirements and public segregation in schools, at … Continued

Tea Cakes for Everyone

Mitchell Moore never thought he might spend the remainder of his life baking tea cakes. When he purchased the iconic Campbell’s Bakery in early 2011, Mitchell regarded Jackson’s favorite cookie with a bit of skepticism. Today, those tea cakes are launching a movement.

Iconic Jackson Restaurants: Bill’s Greek Tavern

Part of the reason we remain committed to long-form oral history interviews is to capture the voices of our region–the accents, the inflections, the small details that evaporate when words go on a page. Listen to this voice.

Iconic Jackson Restaurants: Brent’s Drugs

Snag them while you can: A few tickets remain to our Summer Symposium in Jackson, MS. This week, we offer you another sneak peek of a brand new oral history project: Iconic Restaurants of Jackson.