Jackson’s Iconic Restaurants: Cherokee Drive-In

The Cherokee Drive Inn is so old that — with its numerous locations, owners, and iterations — no one knows for sure who, when, or where it was founded. But since at least the 1940s, and perhaps as far back as the 1920s, the Cherokee has remained a landmark Jackson bar and eatery.

New Interview Added to Bully’s Project: Rev. Barry Taylor

Reverend Barry Taylor is one of 18 children. His parents worked on a plantation in Belzoni, Mississippi, before moving to Jackson when he was 5 years old. He grew up in the neighborhood where Bully’s Restaurant stands today.

A Fresh Look: Smokes and Ears

Say the words “Big Apple,” and most people think of one thing only: New York City. But folks in Jackson, Mississippi might interpret that name in an entirely different way.

OKRACAST: The Modern Mississippi Table

Welcome to OKRACAST, the podcast of the Southern Foodways Alliance! This week, chef Kelly English of Memphis, Tennessee talks about the upcoming Big Gay Mississippi Welcome Table in New York City. The dinner celebrates Mississippi’s LGBTQ community, and is a peaceful protest of the state’s recently signed into law Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Our weekly oral … Continued

Meet Remi Oladipo of Bully’s Restaurant

Remi Oladipo found her way to Bully’s Restaurant after emigrating from Nigeria. She met Greta Bully, wife of owner Tyrone Bully, at church shortly after moving to Jackson.

In the Kitchen at Bully’s

Meet Mary Dennis, chitlin cleaner, and Jacqueline Tard, collard cutter, at Bully’s Restaurant in Jackson, Mississippi.

A Jackson Bibliography

Read along with us about Jackson’s history, the Civil Rights Movement and Freedom Summer, and works by our Summer Symposium speakers, chefs, and performers.