Growing up “Mix-Mix”

Filipino food is not easily comparable to Chinese or Japanese food. Because the Spanish colonized the Philippines, we share dishes with Latin cultures—adobo, menudo, flan. Rice, always white, is a hallmark.

Made in Nashville

The Sewing Training Academy, collaboration between the Nashville Fashion Alliance and Catholic Charities, has kindly donated hand-sewn napkins for two of the dinners at the 2016 summer symposium in Nashville.

What We’re Reading: Nashville in the New Millennium

Nashville in the New Millennium explores how long-term Nashville residents perceived and received immigrants in the early 2000s, and how those immigrants perceived and adjusted to their new neighbors and neighborhoods.

Chinese Grocers in the Mississippi Delta

An alternative to plantation commissaries and catering to a predominately African American clientele, the Chinese American grocer was a mainstay in many Delta neighborhoods well into the 20th century.