Moni Basu: Can narratives effect change?

Moni Basu writes for CNN and teaches in the MFA program in Narrative Nonfiction at the University of Georgia. At SFA’s Winter Symposium she reflected on the power of stories.

Korean Montgomery

My little tiptoe trips to Montgomery opened up a new world to me—and brought me face-to-face with one of my greatest fears.

What We’re Reading: Consuming Identity

If food in general, and Southern food in particular, does indeed wield this power to unite individuals who espouse opposing worldviews, Consuming Identity: The Role of Food in Redefining the South seeks to explain why.

#SFAGrad: Place & Identity

Meet the presenters for SFA’s Graduate Student Conference “Place and Identity” panel.

Always a new daily bread

For author Monique Truong, food played a central role in forging a new identity as an childhood refugee in the South.

Vegetarianism and Identity in Gravy Episode 21

Renee Gross brings us the story of Choya and his biracial family, and how his dietary change prompted conversations about identity, belonging, sexuality and more.