Gravy Podcast: Agave Diplomacy

A group of bar operators in Houston, Texas, use their establishments as vehicles to foster conversation and learning.

Baptism by Biryani

If you want to see the American future, visit Greater Houston, the nation’s most diverse major metropolitan area and home to the South’s biggest city. Since the 1982 collapse of the oil boom, the city’s sprawling and overbuilt subdivisions have attracted newcomers, and their food traditions, from around the world. Learn more in this week’s Gravy podcast.


At the 2017 Southern Foodways Symposium this past weekend, SFA honored Houston chef Hugo Ortega with the 2017 Craig Claiborne Lifetime Achievement Award. Watch the SFA film that profiles him.

Help Feed Houston

In the wake of hurricane Harvey, I knew Bryan would help lead the recovery of his beloved hometown.

Viet Cajun

“It’s sort of Vietnamese trial and tribulation in a little bag.”

The Sound of the Syrup-Soaked South

There are the massive tricked-out cars; there is the regional slang; there are the southern soul samples; there are the Hammond B-3 organ hooks. But most of all, there is syrup.