Director’s Cut: Stevens Flagg’s Delta Luncheon

Since 2006, Flagg has climbed the ladder at Giardina’s in Greenwood, where he has developed dishes like Sweet and Salty Duck Confit Crostini. In 2013, he became executive chef of that storied restaurant.

Amy’s Notebook: About A Box

I just spent a week in Oxford teaching students how to conduct an interview, connect with your narrator, and build trust. But I also tried to convince them of the importance of staying connected, of going back.

Amy’s Notebook: A Decade of the Delta Divertissement

In the summer of 2003, I did my first-ever formal oral history project for the SFA: Greenwood Restaurants. That fall, we expanded our symposium programming to include a side trip to this part of our home state and launched the Delta Divertissement.

Amy’s Notebook: Remembering Mattie’s

The very first formal oral history project I did for the SFA took me to Greenwood, Mississippi. It was 2003, and I was to document the restaurants in the former Cotton Capital of the World. There were some must-get interviews on my list, but the rest of the project was up to me.