A Charleston Feast for Reconciliation

In 1865, at the end of the Civil War, an unusual dinner party was held in Charleston that brought white and black residents together. In this episode of Gravy, producer Philip Graitcer brings us the story of that dinner, and how it’s still resonating today.

Thanks to Our Gravy Guest Producers

A long list of guest producers shared their talent to tell complex stories of the American South through the foods we eat.


Giddy Over Gravy

SFA’s Gravy podcast wins its second consecutive James Beard Award.

Gravy Trivia: Bourbon

Today SFA shares bourbon trivia to get you in the spirit for next week’s Gravy podcast. (Yes, pun intended.)

Travel Stories from Charleston

If you’re traveling to Charleston soon, SFA suggests checking out the next Gravy podcast. And perhaps you can make time for some reading or a film?