An Onion by Any Other Name

How does an onion come to be labeled a Vidalia, and what restrictions must farmers accept in exchange for using the name?

OKRACAST: Susan Pavlin of Global Growers

Welcome to OKRACAST, the SFA podcast. This week, meet Susan Pavlin of Global Growers in Decatur, GA. Born and raised in the Chicago suburbs, Susan Pavlin’s proximity to farming came in the form of playing hooky from school after staying up all night to help her father can vegetables from the family’s garden. Years later, … Continued

Women Who Farm: Meet Cecilia Gatungo & Jamila Norman

This week, we’re featuring oral histories from women farmers in Georgia. For Cecilia Gatungo and Jamila Norman, farming is not a foreign concept. Both come from families with farming backgrounds. By keeping their farm, Patchwork City, in Atlanta’s West End, Cecilia and Jamila are re-connecting their neighbors to the land, healthy food, and to each … Continued

Sustainable South: Atlanta’s Food Desert

Hang out with the Southern Foodways Alliance long enough and you learn that we base each year’s programming around a theme. Throughout the year, staff gravitate toward articles, research, and conferences that speak to the theme. Then we enthusiastically share whatever it is we found with the rest of the team: “Did you see that … Continued

New South Family Supper, April 6

On April 6, the second annual New South Family Supper will bring together thoughtful chefs and artisans and eaters for an unforgettable meal.

OKRACAST: Jane Ann Jarvis on Smoked Hams & Brunswick Stew

Jane Ann may be relatively new to the barbecue scene, but Old Brick Pit is not. It was founded in 1976 by Bob Newton, a Georgia Tech graduate who put a lot of thought and care into the design of his L-shaped brick barbecue pit.