Star Georgia Peaches Label

The Georgia Peach in Black and White

The Georgia peach is an icon, serving as shorthand for Southern beauty, hospitality, sweetness, and agrarian identity. Tom Okie shares how its roots sink deep into the messy racial politics of Southern history.

Meet Lauren Cox

Born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas, Lauren Cox was deeply influenced by her Aunt Mary’s garden and her mother’s Filipino cooking traditions. She credits these women as the reason she’s farming today.

Encore! Christiane Lauterbach in Gravy Episode 11

What kind of view of a city can you have through its restaurants? Or—more specifically—through its strip mall restaurants? Christiane Lauterbach’s multi-decade career proves: a whole lot.

Virginia Brock’s Georgia-Style Brunswick Stew

The great states of Georgia and Virginia have two major things in common: Each is home to its own Brunswick County, and each claims to be the home-place of the first-ever bubbling pot of that famous Southern specialty, Brunswick stew.