Glori-fried and Glori-fied

Mahalia Jackson entered into respectability through the shaming kitchen door, kicking the door down as she stepped.

Fried Chicken: A Complicated Comfort Food

Ask anyone to name one Southern food, and you’ll likely hear two words: Fried Chicken. But there is more going on with this staple of the Southern table than you might think.

Willie Mae’s Scotch House - Willie Mae Seaton - Tabasco Guardians of the Tradition: New Orleans, LA - New Orleans Eats

Happy Willie Mae Seaton Day

Happy Willie Mae Seaton Day, as declared by the New Orleans City Council. If you can’t celebrate with the legendary fried chicken from Willie Mae’s Scotch House, watch Above the Line, an SFA film by Joe York about the rebuilding of Willie Mae’s after Hurricane Katrina.