Cornbread Nation 2017

This year, writers and documentarians asked tough questions of themselves and of their audiences.

Read SFA’s selection of the best food writing, film, and podcasts from 2017.

Virginia’s Dare

How a cooking competition in Old Dominion in 1948 unwittingly set the tone for modern food journalism.

View from the Treehouse

Chef Jason Zygmont has a kickass resume and a distinctive culinary voice. But is that enough for the critics?

Cornbread Nation 2016

The array of voices here have challenged and refreshed us, both for the wit and style they employ and for the weight of the topics they explore.

Food Media South 2017

The 2017 edition of Food Media South takes place on February 25 in Birmingham, Alabama. Tickets will go on sale Wednesday, November 16 at noon central time.

SFA Remembers David Culp

David Culp, longtime supporter of SFA work and frequent attendee at our events, passed away Friday.

Chef Meets Critic

At our 2016 Food Media South, though, chef Frank Stitt sat down with Eater’s roving restaurant critic Bill Addison, each to offer perspectives on their roles in the food world.