Meet Darlene: Surviving the American Dream

In Delicious Foods, Darlene carves her own path to freedom. Instead of playing by the rules of the American Dream, she plays along with the rigged system, carving out her freedom piece by piece.

What We’re Reading: Delicious Foods by James Hannaham

In coming weeks, SFA will situate Delicious Foods in the broader narrative of Southern foodways, asking challenging and open-ended questions. We invite you to read along, considering these and other questions during a five-part web series.

The Greenwood Food Blockade

By Bobby J. Smith II For proponents, it showed the world the plight of rural Mississippi blacks and helped garner support. For opponents like the White Citizens’ Council (WCC), these elements perpetuated the dual organization of the South, which enforced white superiority and promoted black inferiority. This dichotomy is best illustrated by the sharecropping system … Continued

How The South Leads

“What if the South led?” Moderator John Simpkins posed this question halfway through a two-day gathering at Rivendell Writers’ Colony in Sewanee, Tennessee, which focused on how difference based on color imprints and imperils American food culture.