Field Notes from Harkers Island, NC

On Harkers Island, home is saltwater in your blood and lazy days on the pizer. It’s hard work and having enough. Home is a place, battered and beautiful, with its simplicities and complications.

New Oral History: Harkers Island, NC

In this new collection of oral histories, we hear the stories of Harkers Island, located in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, an island communities built on foodways and traditions necessitated by the landscape.

A Story of Food & Pollution in Gravy Ep. 38

It’s hard to imagine that Mossville, Louisiana was once known as a kind of Eden, a place where all the residents gardened, hunted, and fished to support themselves. Today, industry dominates the landscape.

A Helping of Gravy: Meat

Growing up in Jackson, Mississippi, I didn’t know anyone who didn’t eat meat.

The Saltwater South: Charleston

Here are the stories of the women and men making their living working on the Lowcountry waters of South Carolina.

New Charleston Oral Histories

Tomorrow we’ll launch a long-term oral history project, The Saltwater South. We start in Charleston.