Celebrate Labor Day with Otha Turner

In the late 1950’s, fife and drum legend Otha Turner began hosting annual Labor Day picnics at his property in Gravel Springs, Mississippi.

Trailer: Gifts from the Good Land

“We need to take care of the land, take care of each other, and leave the place better than we found it for the next generation.” Watch the trailer for SFA’s next film, Gifts from the Good Land.

Now Playing: Little Kurdistan

Just off Nolensville Pike on the southern outskirts of Nashville lies Little Kurdistan — a thriving community of Kurdish immigrants and new generations of Kurdish-Americans. Little Kurdistan explores this community through the stories of four residents, two businesses, and a lot of delicious food.

Counter Histories Film Series

The film series Counter Histories documents the 1960s struggle to desegregate Southern restaurants.

Deadliest Throw by Joe York

At the Annual Interstate Mullet Toss, participants compete to throw a dead mullet the farthest across the Alabama-Florida state line.

Folkstreams Features Stan Woodward Films

Folkstreams, a national preserve of documentary films about American roots cultures, is featuring a collection of documentary films by South Carolina filmmaker Stan Woodward.