Rashid Nuri of Truly Living Well retires

Today, August 31, 2018, Rashid Nuri turns 70. He will also retire from Truly Living Well, the urban farm institution in Atlanta that he founded.

Farmer’s Blues

The process of acquiring arable land is not as simple as it used to be — and it’s especially daunting for first-generation farmers.

Gifts From The Good Land

Since 1975, the Randle family has been running Randle Farms just outside Auburn, Alabama—one of the South’s few farms rearing sheep and lambs.

The Golden Leaf: Tobacco Farming in North Carolina

On the next episode of Gravy, freelance writer and audio producer Jen Nathan Orris takes us to North Carolina, where the ubiquitous tobacco fields of the past—and the food traditions they engendered—are undergoing a transformation.

Teens Take the Mic in Gravy Ep. 48

Ree Ree Wei and several other teenagers began recording audio on Transplanting Traditions Community Farm, thanks to producer Alix Blair, who ran a week-long workshop for them.

Trailer: Gifts from the Good Land

“We need to take care of the land, take care of each other, and leave the place better than we found it for the next generation.” Watch the trailer for SFA’s next film, Gifts from the Good Land.