Highway 220 Daddy Lessons

During legal segregation, guides like the Negro Motorist Green Book advised black travelers of places they could dine safely or lay their heads while on the road. My parents had their own versions of these guides in their heads, memorized after the formal end of Jim Crow.

It’s Farmworker Awareness Week

It’s the 16th annual National Farmworker Awareness Week (March 24-31). There are an estimated 2-3 million men, women, and children who work in the fields in the United States. 85% of the fruits and vegetables we eat here are hand-picked by them.

Swords Into Ploughshares

As a child, Fred Lewis loved animals. It’s a fondness he came back to years later, after a lifetime of other experiences. Serving as a Korean linguist in the U.S. Military. Joining Special Forces after 9/11, fighting in Afghanistan. Returning home with injuries that changed his whole way of being. Back in the U.S., he moved … Continued

Women Who Farm: Meet Cecilia Gatungo & Jamila Norman

This week, we’re featuring oral histories from women farmers in Georgia. For Cecilia Gatungo and Jamila Norman, farming is not a foreign concept. Both come from families with farming backgrounds. By keeping their farm, Patchwork City, in Atlanta’s West End, Cecilia and Jamila are re-connecting their neighbors to the land, healthy food, and to each … Continued

Oral History Project of the Week: Women Who Farm: Georgia

In anticipation of the upcoming New South Family Supper, we’ll be featuring our Women Who Farm: Georgia oral history project all week. For anyone who’s stood in front of a woman farmer and said, you don’t look like a farmer, you probably haven’t been to Georgia. Women are the fastest growing group of farmers in the country, … Continued